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After more than a year of neglect, the historic Emerald Theatre of Mount Clemens is getting a chance to shine. The Macomb Music Theatre in Mt. Clemens is back for sale after a grueling year as a free agent. Business owners in downtown Mount Clemens say the theater's return is a sign of hope for the city's future as well as the future of music and entertainment in the area. After a long and arduous struggle to be restored after years of nightlife, the historic Emerald Theatre, once home to the local music scene, is back for sale. According to Macombs Music Theater's executive director and co-owner, John D. Kowalski, it is now for sale for $1.5 million, according to a press release.

Hanna said it was only when he decided to invest in the mountain that he realized that the theater desperately needed his help. Seeing water seeping through the walls of the theater, he called his wife and co-owner Mary Ann Hanna and their son Michael.

Hanna said it was these people who initially led him to invest in the rich history of leisure, which dates back to the time when the city was known as Bath City. In 1909, Mount Clemens opened the Leap, a 3,200-foot wooden roller coaster designed to entertain the many people who came for the baths and minerals. The Utica Amusement Park opened a few years later in the same location, with a 1,000-seat theatre and a 2,500-square-metre amusement park. By 1951, new owners Clayton and Ruth Stubbs had improved the old track, built a grandstand and opened the Mountford circuit on the site.

The theater was bought out of bankruptcy for about $630,000 and more than $2 million worth of renovations were made to the 1,500-seat venue, which was called the Macomb Music Theatre Emerald Theatre until it was renamed the Macomb Music Theatre. The renovated Emerald Theater hopes to regain some of its luster when it hosts concerts by Kid Rock and The Cult, among others.

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The "14" indicates that the address is at 14 Mile or 15 Mile Road, and the "15" indicates that it is the highest address used in the Detroit system. Although many suburbs also use Detroit's system, there are several that use the high-end system that many of their suburbs use instead, including Mount Clemens.

After Michigan became a state, Macomb County consisted of 13 municipalities, each with fewer than 2,000 residents and 13 municipalities, which were later transformed into 26 municipalities in 1839 after Michigan became a state. Orange Township is located in the southeast of the county and eventually became what later became Erin Township, and East Detroit changed its name to Eastpointe in 1992. The Clinton Township was also built and has a population of about 140. Gordie Howe has his own hockey school in Mount Clemens, just blocks from his home.

When county officials planned to replace the old courthouse with the Macomb County Building in 1931, they wanted the exterior decorations of the new building to pay tribute to the historic buildings of Lake Township and the Grosse Pointe Shores, as well as Mount Clemens. So when they planned to replace it with a Macombs County building, the Macomb County Building Faces had to have some meaning. In February 2009, residents of the village of Gross Pointed Shore voted to integrate as a city, effectively separating Lake County Township from Gresham Township, and formed their own community, Grosvenor Township.

The Emerald Theatre, which opened in 1921 as the Macomb Theatre, was designed in the same style as the building of the same name. In its heyday, the Emerald was home to a variety of music acts, from jazz and blues to rock and roll, and over the next 12 years it hosted many big acts and events, including celebrity-studded parties, such as Super Bowl XL, hosted by Sports Illustrated Magazine. The Emerald has been home to many of Mount Clemens "most famous musicians and artists since 2000, when it was owned by Stripes founder and former U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman and hosted Elvis Presley, Billie Holiday and the Rolling Stones, among others. Since the renovation last year, more than 1,000 concerts and other events have been held there. has selected several DJs and disc jockeys for Mount Clemens, MI, who can help make your day unforgettable. DJs from North America, and we've put together their music list below for you.

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