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MOUNT CLEMENS, MI - The deadline for building a minor league baseball stadium in Mount Clemens, Mich., appears to have passed. The city, which seemed to be bursting at the seams as if it were building a ballpark for Michigan State University's football team, finally did its part last week to part ways with the former home of the University of Michigan Wolverines baseball team.

McDowell, however, remains determined to be a Spartan for next season, and neither side of the intra-family dispute moved over the weekend. McDowell's mother has waged a public media campaign against her son's decision to question his ability to get into the NFL and has promised to change his mind. Badstuber has been heavily criticized for poaching and recruiting players and making multiple transfers over the past two years, as well as accusations that he padded his son Jermaine Jr.'s statistics.

He returned to the mayor's chair after a four-year absence, and political observers said at the time that the job, which cost $1,200 a year, was something of an unofficial referendum on the stadium issue.

While Evelyn was on a break in January and February, his mother contacted the press and accused members of the Southfield Christian coaching staff, including head coach Josh Baker, of seeing her son black - saying they had insulted their son, slandered him and maliciously tried to ruin his reputation as a college recruiter. In an interview with the Macomb Daily, Jackson confirmed that a number of his former players from the Bathers team had gone to the school's office to request their academic transcripts, a move that can often precede a transfer. After allegedly trying to move to a smaller school performance center like Southfields Christian, he returned to his team, which coincidentally triggered much - speculation - discussion about leaving and reinstatement.

He was a youth and young talent coach for twelve years and the school's athletic director for 17 years. As Easter wrote, Giles is "one of many, many students who have participated in the district's athletics programs. In total, more than 20,000 students from Southfield Christian and Mountclemens have spent their entire careers at Mountclemens schools.

On May 2, Giles, an administrative assistant who built one of Michigan State's most successful high school football programs, will be inducted into the Macomb County Coaches Hall of Fame. His inauguration, Ostertag wrote, was "a tribute to a very fine man who gave everything as a coach.

He was not only a great person, but also an extremely passionate, caring and thoughtful person who produced students - athletes in Macomb County. He was really a friend of every single person he came into contact with over the years, and he was truly one of the best coaches in the history of high school football.

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Giles received a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Jackson State University in Mississippi in 1969 and a Master of Mathematics degree from the University of Detroit in 1974. He came to Mount Clemens in 1970 and earned a master's degree in mathematics from the University of Detroit in 1975 and a doctorate in osteopathic medicine in 1976.

Giles, who became an NBA veteran in 2000, turned Mount Clemens into a Class C powerhouse and posted a 45-4 record in his four years as head coach.

His tenure on the sidelines has been very successful, but not with the raised index finger - that of critics. Jackson came under heavy fire for practically doing a job behind the bench at Mt. Clemens on the day he took over as the bank's chief executive for Mountclemens.

He insisted that he would resign the day after the swimmers were toppled more than 10 days ago, but he was unavailable to the media until the consortium won the crown, though he appeared well - and even - as chief when he spoke to reporters for the first time this year. He went on to hit 10 3-point baskets on the night, then followed it up with a 33-point night against Chicago in the team's season-opening win over the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill on Wednesday night. And he broke the only game-point record for Mt. Clemens in a single season set by Leonard Thomas in 1985.

Hannah's 60 points is a new Macomb County record, according to the Macomb Daily, and the 6ft 6in forward has had some big performances this season. While Clemens currently has a 7-7 record, that's not because of a lack of effort from Hannah.

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